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Remanufacturing is the manufacturing of "like new" products with recovery of used products. Remanufacturing is an economical and ecological approach, to close the gap between shortened development cycles and more durable mechanics and electronics.

Impressively remanufacturing, used in various industries, is worldwide growing.

Remanufacturing is split into five process steps:

  • disassembly
  • cleaning and replacement of wear parts
  • testing and diagnosis
  • development
  • assembly

Our performance starts with the assessment of the entire gamma camera. The following criteria will be assessed:

  • quality (suitability for disassembly, cleaning, repair, etc.)
  • quantity (installations, availability, etc.)
  • value (materials, manufacturing, service, etc.)
  • time (durability, lifetime, one-cyle, etc.)
  • innovation (technical progress, development, etc.)
  • disposal (effort, costs, hazardous material etc.)
  • interference (competition, collaboration, etc.)
  • other (market conduct, liability, patents, rights, etc.)
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